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Barbara Bard was born in the Highlands of Scotland but moved to the United States and was raised in the sweltering heat of New Orleans. She studied at Emory University in Atlanta and has worked as a journalist for a small press.

Barbara’s partner is descended from Scottish ancestors and she has been fascinated with all things Scottish for many years. That interest has also helped to propel a blossoming writing career and she is now working on novels with a historical Scottish romance flavor. 

The first in her series follows the exploits of the Baird and McCall clans and is full of the type of brave warrior heroes that are romanticized of that era, while her books about the MacDougal clan have a more magic and paranormal feel to them. 

When she isn’t working or writing her next book, Barbara enjoys yoga and traveling to new and exciting places. She loves nothing better than immersing herself in the culture of another country and getting to know some of the locals.

Barbara hopes that her novels will soon become self-sustaining and provide her with the full-time career she has always wanted.

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